Urban Fables - Season 1

WHAT IS URBAN FABLES? For an animal lover, passing by an animal on the street, is nothing like walking by a piece of stone or a trash container. For you can find in every one of them, charms, details and love to be shared on the fly! A whole lot of love! It probably would not be wrong to say that, the primary thing to mention that differentiates an animal lover and someone who doesn’t like an animal lover or who never had the chance to feel that enlightment. Each one is another book to read, another her oto find a place in your hearth if you manage to feel them. Instead of looking for a fluffy fiction friend (FFF) in books, movies or games, try checking the street, for there might be waiting for you, millions of puss in boots, pikachus, gremlins, totoros (…) Yes, they are actually waiting for you. Just a tiny bit of attention, might make a big difference in both your life and theirs. A group of artists, in order to share this awareness, drew these friends who crossed their lives in the rich habitat that is the streets of Turkey, by the impressions that was left on them.

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