VIKI - Personal Work
Freddykenstein (signed and limited edition) -  Villainz Screenprint Exhibition by KRÜW
An illustration for Zeplin Pub and Delicatessen / İstanbul
What'zup Bro' - Personal Work
Sherlock Holmes & InspectorGreg Lestrade Illustration for BoxinaBoxIdea Mag. Calendar
KÖK - Single Album Cover Art
NIKE commissioned poster and sketcbook art
illustration and graphic design for Over Drive pedal "Aqua Lung" by Rockfabrik Effects
illustration and graphic design for High Gain Distortion Pedal-Preamp "Mind Abuse" by Rockfabrik Effects
Kashkafa - personal work
Palmtrooper - A Tribute to Star Wars by KRÜW
Pinky and The Brain - 90'z Screenprint Exhibition by KRÜW
Dreamcatcher for CANAVARZ Screenprint Exhibition by KRÜW
Poster for Bike Art Exhibition / Greece
HMBRGR - Personal Work
Zzz - Personal Work
Brotherhood - illustration Vol.1 Exhibition / istanbul
Unnamed - Caran d'Ache "The Night is Young"  Exhibition
Wall Stickers / Canada
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